What We Do

Who are we?

We are a private education provider set up in 2015, specifically designed to work with parents who want professional support for their children as they Home-School them. We are not linked to any school or denomination, but provide support with curriculum, testing, as well as HEU registration.

What do we do?

  • Help with curriculum choices
  • Check students progress
  • Provide reports (if required)
  • Encourage
  • Visit
  • Provide careers assistance
  • Teach assignment Writing
  • Support Families to homeschool
  • Organise meet & greets as well as Workshops
  • Subject coaching
  • etc.

What are our aims?

We strongly believe that many parents do not want the constraints put upon them by DE schools, therefore we endeavour to strongly support your right, as the parent to decide on what education your child receives. We also strongly support your right to choose a model of education that is based on traditional values that exist outside the rigid state and private education model, if you so choose.